Gathering Evidence

I read a very good suggestion from someone posting on the Warrior Talk internet forum. (As far as that forum goes, I think it’s a good one but I acknowledge it’s not for everybody.)

If you are attacked and have to defend yourself you want to build the strongest possible case to support the legality of your defense. Right? Understand that you will be dealing with a Criminal Law system, not a Criminal Justice system no matter what anyone else calls it, and that there is a difference between the two. If you don’t understand that difference you could get yourself into trouble. That said, here is the suggestion:

If you are injured even a little, get photos of the injury. If possible, get more than one set, and get one set that shows the injuries after they have fully developed. (Bruising and wounding is not always evident immediately after they occur. Some injuries are only going to be visible and obvious a little while after they have been incurred.) Ideally, you’ll get pictures on-scene or close to it and then some photos at intervals to show the full development of the injury and perhaps to document treatment of the injury. Time/date stamps on the photos and witnesses to the time, date and place they were taken will also be very useful.

These photos could be very important if your case goes to trial and/or if the case goes into the court of public opinion. Do not release those photos, however, on your own decision. If required (and probably it will be) give them to investigators and do make sure your attorney has them. Multiple copies would be good if you can do that. Don’t let anybody else see them unless your attorney okays it. If the police release them, that’s their decision. You keep things close, this and everything else, until it’s clear how the investigation and/or court trial/review is going to go.

Argue that you should not have to go to such lengths if you want. It won’t matter. Reality trumps the way it should be every time. Reality doesn’t care about what should or should not be. Fail to acknowledge reality and you are more likely to get jacked up like others already have been.

If you don’t have to go through what they did, why should you?

Very, very good advice this man provided.

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