KISSing Too Much Could Get You Into Trouble

There’s a kind of dichotomy to the KISS principle when you think about it. Because when you break it down as far as it can go, open carry is simpler than concealed carry, and the simplest way to respond to an attack is to stand there and shoot back. Doing either of those would be applying the KISS principle…right?

But there are, ironically enough, complications to doing either of those for most of us. In the first case, open carry might limit our options for carry (probably will in most areas) and could draw fear or resentment or even snatch attempts or first shots from others. In the second case, standing still isn’t usually a) what our body wants to do under threat of death and b) what is recommended as part of the counteroffensive response.

So it is possible to KISS something too much. But we do want to KISS things enough to help us fight. I don’t want to have to do detailed diagnostics on a gun malfunction during a fight, for example. I want simplest, quickest, surest method of getting it fixed. I want KISS on something like that. In fact, I want to KISS everything to the most practical extent I can, because I believe what Clauswitz says about the simplest things becoming difficult in war. So there has to be some balance here about this.

What to do?

Roger Phillips has what I think is the best idea for a principle: Keep It As Simple As It Needs To Be. How simple that is will vary with the technique or tactic or mechanism we’re dealing with and likely also varies from person to person. It will take some thought to work out the right amount. But that thought, I believe, will be well worth the effort. Because you can over-simplify things.

KIASAINTB is a pretty crappy acronym, but I think it’s a very good idea when applied to the fight for life.

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