It puzzles me the way that others in the gunfighting-study-world  look askance at the way that I and others look at anything from American football to Renaissance and Medieval swordfighting to Indonesian martial arts (and many things in between) for things that can and will help us at the least survive uninjured and preferably win decisively. There’s a sense I get from some of them that they unconsciously think that the human body suddenly gets to move a different way if there’s a gun in their hands instead of some other weapon. Or they think that they don’t have to move, to ‘get physical’ because they are fighting with a gun instead of a knife or club or bare hands. Or they think that you can’t seriously believe that you can dodge a bullet like you could a sword or knife, so why try and learn how?

The fact is, you can’t dodge a bullet. What you need to understand beyond that, though, is that you can’t dodge that knife or that sword, either–once it’s fully under way, that is.

That’s NOT what we’re training to do, though. And it’s not what we’re looking at these other arts to show us.

You may need to think about this for a little while, but here’s the idea: You are not seeking to dodge the bullet when you move evasively, you are seeking to dodge the shot. Just like with a sword or knife you’re not trying to evade the point, you’re trying to evade the thrust.

There is a difference. In that difference is the key. And that key is why we look outside the realm of gunfighting for things we need to know.

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