Over The Top?

I’ve been thinking about this:

You’re in the driver’s seat, you see a need to at least be able to shoot, you draw and go over the top of the steering wheel…

You know, I’m not convinced that’s what really happens or is going to happen.

I know they teach it that way in all the classes. You slide the gun in contact or near to it with the steering wheel around to the window if that’s where you’re going. That’s the safe way to do it. That’s the way to make sure you don’t hit something on the way, knock your aim off, maybe trigger a shot you don’t want to fire.

Not the only way to do it. Not even the only safe way to do it. Beyond that, I think that movement will go out the window as soon as most of us realize we need the gun on-line NOW.

I’ve watched a video of me doing a draw at speed in my vehicle. Gun never made contact with the steering wheel, didn’t go anywhere near over the top of it like they teach you to do it. And that was on the range without anything but an target threatening me. The only thing driving me was the idea that I was going to get the gun ‘on’ at speed like I would under threat.

Over the top? Out the window.

I’m betting much the same concept ejection will happen to you as well.

That’s what I’m thinking about this right now, anyway.

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