Doing things you don’t like

Ab wheels.



These are all tools of the devil and without doubt of Satanic origin, made for the torture and degredation of innocent exercisers. Darth Vader wishes he had thought to use these to destroy his enemies instead of the Force at the same time that he is afraid of them, as they would leave him crying like a little girl if he did them. I am convinced of this.

I still do these things or use these tools and routines and others like them from time to time. I will move these things and others into and out of exercise routines depending on what I’m trying to get from the exercise or time I have for exercise or other factors. I do them because of what I get from doing them, the benefit, and because it is good to me to do something hard and get through it.

We all have things like this, not just where fitness and conditioning are concerned, but all over life. Things that we know will be beneficial to us but are hard to do for some reason, physical or psychological or financial or other.

Sometimes, though, the only way to get better is to do the hard things. Sometimes, the only way you’re going to improve is to do something you don’t like to do.

Training. Practice. Time. Effort. Thought. Study.

You may not like it. But how are you going to get better unless you do it?

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