Moving to the Modern

If Bill Jordan were working today, he would be running and likely doing any exhibition shooting he did with an H&K P2000 semi-auto pistol.

If Jelly Bryce were working today, he would probably be running a Glock or Sig or something else off of a department’s approved gun list.

And I’d bet that they both would be carrying modern semi-auto pistols when they carried off-duty as well.

They would be doing that because neither one of them is stupid or clueless and both of them would recognize that–outside of requirements of their various agencies–semi-auto handguns of today, striker-fired or not, are superior as fighting guns to revolvers.

They would use much the same techniques, they would put in the time and the practice, and they would still be some of the fastest and most accurate shooters in the world. But they would not remain locked in the past in their choice of weapons.

In their time, they used what was issued and what was the best thing they could find. They would do the same thing if they were alive and working today.

We should all be willing to follow their example in this the way we follow the example they set in other things.

3 thoughts on “Moving to the Modern”

  1. I can’t comment on Jelly Bryce , but in his later years Jordan was indeed conversent with high capacity 9mm’s. He gave generally positive reviews of the S&W M59, but for his personal use, it was strictly a BUG to his primary S&W revolver.

    If you did wish an example of old school gunfighter who early adopted sucuessive technologies, that would be Charles Askins.

    1. Jordan’s attitude does not surprise me about the M59 considering that 1) it came out in a time when he had put many hundreds if not thousands of hours into shooting with his revolver and 2) it is one of the earlier examples of the beginning of 9mm handgun development. At some point if Jordan had lived longer I believe he would have moved to a semi-auto because he would have recognized it’s superiority as a fighting gun over the revolver. He would also have done whatever was needed to make that semi-auto his own as the revolver was in the course of that movement.

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