Stability is where you make it

Roger Phillips brought up the term ‘Stable Fighting Platform’ in something of his I read a day or two back. A sketch of the SFP concept is that it’s a position or posture that allows best use of whatever weapon you’re using. With bare hands and impact weapons, something that facilitates transfer of maximum force where you want it; with a blade, something that facilitates solid stabs and slashes and movement of the blade; with firearms, a posture or position that allows accurate and fast shooting and shot-to-shot recovery. Things like that.

What a Stable Fighting Platform is not–not necessarily–is static. It is a mistake to assume it is a locked position. You can have an SFP even when moving, and even when moving at speed. We may first think of things like the Groucho step or the Crab/side-shuffle step when thinking about a moving SFP, but there are and can be SFPs when you’re at a dead run or moving in a fast zig-zag or curve.

Work out how to separate the handgun or the rifle from everything else and you should not have a lot of trouble setting up a Stable Fighting Platform no matter how or how fast you’re moving with the gun in hand. Some thinking, some imagination, some experimentation, some time and work and you can see the way to it.

You can also get training from people that have already worked through the concept and can move you directly into that capability. There are schools and independent instructors that can show you what to do and how to do it.

It’s simple and it’s hard. But it won’t happen unless you make it happen. It’s up to you whether you do it or not. Like any other advancement you want to make.

Always has been, hasn’t it?

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