Time, Tempo, Rhythm

I’m reading a book about fencing, mainly the history of the development of fencing, right now. I look at non-sport fencing occasionally for ideas and concepts that will help me be and teach others how to be better gunfighters. As I’ve said before, there’s lots of useful concepts in martial arts and in sports to anyone who is open to seeing and trying them.

One thing fencers study and think about is time and being ‘in time’. The old masters wrote of different kinds of time. I read this as timing. There is timing in a fight, any kind of fight. This is an advanced concept that starts to get more mental than physical fairly quickly, but the application of it and the results you get from using it are purely physical and can be quite beneficial to those who understand it.

There is physical and mental timing, tempo, and rhythm. Physical because we have to stop and start our movements, because nerve impulses only go so fast, because momentum has to be overcome and adjusted for us to change direction of anything moving, because the mechanical mechanisms of a firearm have to go back and forth and start and stop just like we do. Mental because we have to see something, evaluate it (consciously or not), and then get ourselves moving in response. Action/reaction has a timing and a rhythm, action has a tempo and a rhythm, the start of an action has its own timing.

The more you can understand and apply this, the better able you will be to respond to an attack.

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