Un-complicating things

Every so often when I write about some technique or offer an option for doing something on a forum I get some form of the response, “That’s too complicated.”

Interesting part is I get this as much or more from other instructors as I do from anybody else.

“It’s complicated.”

Isn’t EVERYTHING complicated at first? Even simple things are complicated the first time we see them or try to do them. Part of the job you have as a student of the fight is to turn the complicated into the simple.

How do you do that?

Time. Effort. Work.

As simple as that. As hard as that.

Competency is a trip through complicated to the land of simplicity, in a way. And it’s a trip you have to make yourself if you’re going to make it at all. Bad guy’s not going to shoot themselves for you, you know.

Want the complex to not be complex? Put in the time. Do the work. Make the effort.

That’s true with more than just gunfighting.

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