Who needs it?

The first weekend in December of 2015 I hosted a (mainly) team CQB class at Double Tap Training Ground in Calera, AL. It had a single-person component but most of the time we learned how to work in teams as SWAT and military units do when clearing structures.

The material presented in this class is the same material presented to current police and military personnel and it’s kept up-to-date by periodic review and feedback from people in the front line and the people that work with the people in the front line. You take this class (and some others like it) you will get what they get and you will learn what they learn. (It is adjusted to fit people like us who aren’t active police and military and don’t work with teams and small units wearing armor and carrying select-fire weapons, yes. The tactics and techniques are current-use and sometimes a bit ahead of general current-use, however.)

I’ve heard that some people wonder out loud if this kind of training should be given to those who are not in active service. The objections seem to be two: It could fall into the wrong hands and someone not in the military or police doesn’t need to know this kind of thing.

Maybe they don’t understand that the knowledge is out there and has been out there since just a little while after that knowledge started to be applied in the field. The fact that they don’t see it much doesn’t mean it’s not available to those wrong hands out there. It just means that the majority of bad guys haven’t decided it’s worth their time to start learning and using it.

As for not needing this capability:

School shooters.

Workplace shooters.

Active shooters in general.

Isolated acts of jihad (yes, that’s what they are no matter what somebody else says they are).


Mentally unstable individuals.

Looking at this the real question is: Who doesn’t need it?

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