When You’re Getting Afraid To Carry


on a forum I participate in:

“I know many will disagree with me, but I am so worried that I have gotten to the point of not carrying. I would rather have my wallet stolen or be dead than go through what some police officers have had to go through in the past few months.”

This my response:

Okay–you’ve surrendered. Are you going to get rid of all your guns? You don’t want them any more, it seems.

Are you a police officer? If you are not, you will not go through what the police officers have. You might go through what George Zimmerman did IF you act like he did and IF you keep talking like he did and like you’re not supposed to after a shooting.

Why tell us that you have surrendered? Are you pleased with that and wish to share your happiness? Or, as I think, are you fighting yourself about that decision and wish us to help you fight back?

I think you would like to drop that white flag you’re waving or else you wouldn’t make this post. So here’s what I recommend:

Review use-of-force laws in your state or municipality. If you think it will help, find an attorney and if necessary pay him for an hour of consultation about such things.

Review your own personal use-of-force rules and regulations. Make yourself as certain as possible about what the lines are in your mind and spirit.

Provide yourself with self-defense insurance. Preferably, the kind that offers some money up front. You may also want to move assets into a trust fund or otherwise shield them from personal legal action. Give yourself some resources to fight a case with.

Read accounts of citizens who employed lethal force and did NOT suffer from masses of protestors or the New Black Panthers putting bounties on them. There are far, far more of them than there are of those reported by the mainstream media. Sign on to newletters such as the ‘Defensive Use of Firearms’ for almost daily examples of such events.

Do study accounts of people such as Zimmerman (frankly, police incidents may be instructive but are not as relevant to non-police as we think they are) to find out what mistakes were made by the defenders and learn what to avoid in your own after-action actions and statements.

Pick up some of Massad Ayoob’s books and go through those.

Part of your fear is based on a lack of knowledge and understanding of all that you can do and of how the process works. Resolve to address that.

Understand the three phases of this kind of fight–the preparation before, the fight itself, and the aftermath. You can do something to increase your chances of walking through all of them. Some people don’t understand that fully.

Finally–rather be dead? Honestly, now? Because however bad it might actually get, you can come back from even something like Zimmerman went through. Even if it gets that bad, you have the chance to recover from that.

You think you can recover from being dead? Are you really going to let your family hang without you? Are you really going to deny them your support and provision? Don’t you care about what they will go through if you let yourself die? Are you that selfish?

I think not. I think you just haven’t thought this through all the way. Now, you have more information. Make use of it. Start now.

And put down the white flag, please. It’s blocking the light you need to see by.

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