I’m Not A Gun-Guy

Don’t want to disappoint anybody, but there it is.

I’ve been described as a ‘gun guy’, a ‘gun enthusiast’, and a ‘gun nut’ from time to time or at least lumped into those categories.

Problem is, those labels are incorrect.

Yes, I engage in the study of the use of arms. Yes, I instruct others in this subject. Yes, I maintain interest in current technology and manufacture of firearms. Sometimes, I see one or another weapon and I think it’s neat and that I’d like to have one. Or I find some feature or modification of a weapon to be interesting.

I don’t like or dislike any particular firearm or class of firearms for their own sake, though. I don’t get any given gun just so I’ll have it. And I’m not particularly loyal to any particular firearm or class of firearms just for what they are.

Guns to me are what I use as part of my study of the use of arms. Guns to me are what I might have to use some time to preserve my life of the life of another person. Guns to me are things that are of use to me for certain and specific reasons. If they don’t serve some purpose, they usually are sold off sooner rather than later. Guns to me are rather mundane on that level.

No, I’m not a ‘gun guy’. I’m just a guy that uses guns to do his work with.

It’s as simple as that.

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