Pistol vs. Rifle, Round Three

I’m reading people on forums saying they wouldn’t have much of a chance of fighting two rifle-armed terrorists with “just” a handgun. Getting tired of that meme of “rifle beats pistol, period”. So let me try beating on it one more time:

In a building or as someone approaches the building, a rifle only has two advantages: Power and additional points of contact. Other than that, it’s not some mystical magical totem that renders pistols inoperable for a hundred yards, neither does it inject fog into the operator’s mind and/or cloud their sight. And once you get inside the building the pistol gains one advantage in it being easier to maneuver with in small spaces. Unless you have decided that their rifle trumps all, you have a better chance than any of the cartoonists and editors targeted at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris did. You, after all, have a gun.

Besides that: If you’re going to get shot and die anyway like some here seem to be thinking they will in the back of their minds, are you going to have anything to lose by setting up and taking some shots? Wouldn’t you rather die fighting back? Or is hiding under the desk a better way for everybody else to know you went out? What picture do you want entered into evidence (assuming you die, which is–sorry to disappoint some of you–not a certainty)? You in a fetal position on the floor with gunshot wounds in your back and your blood soaking your clothes? Or you lying by at least a magazine’s worth of shell casings, your pistol near your hand where it slipped out as you lost strength, with those holes in your front soaking your clothing with blood?

Which one do you want?

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