Tactical, Schmactical

I was looking at a video on the website of the range I run courses at. In the video there’s someone saying about how great the facility is (it is a very good training facility, much more than a simple firing range) and showing video of some of the training he was doing there. Everybody is kitted full-up and running carbines and handguns with lights on them from drop-leg holsters, whole ‘tactical’ ball of wax. As far as I know, this was a course for those without military or LE jobs who, I would bet, don’t walk out of their house with a slung carbine and load-bearing equipment set up with four to six magazines for that carbine on them. (Actually, I’m willing to bet that very few law enforcement officers day-to-day work clothes involve chest rigs or thigh holsters and slung rifles as a normal thing.)

I don’t run courses that require you to kit yourself out. I design my courses of instruction to what–to the best of my current knowledge–most of us will have on our persons or be able to get into our hands when we won’t have much if any time to get something out and ready to face an attack with.

I’m not going to think of you with disdain if you show up for my rifle class without at least a chest rig or a warbelt on. Unless that’s what you normally wear, that is. Otherwise, I design instruction to fit those situations–the majority of most of our time, in other words–that we won’t have that on or where we can put it on in a few seconds.

I’m not going to care if you come to a pistol class without a weapon-mounted light or a low-riding holster for your pistol, either–again, unless that’s what you normally wear day-to-day. I’d rather you come with what you normally wear and carry so I can help you learn to fight better with that.

I don’t want to make anybody more “tactical”. I just want to make it easier for them to be the ones still standing after the fight is over.

At least in my area that’s beginning to look like an somewhat odd-ball attitude among instructors. But it’s mine and I’m going to keep it.

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  1. Agreed.
    The training range i regularly attend is the same way. They teach civilians how to use their civilian gun with civilian equipment. I am sick of the tac-crap. I’m not a cop (much respect to those who are) and I’m not going to war (again respect). I am a father and husband who is the head of homeland security in my own home and personal security guard to my family. I need to learn how to do that and that very well, anything else is just wasting my time and mucking up my skillset.

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