They Already Know

In the opening of a book the author states that he’s going to be vague about certain details of tactics because he doesn’t want any bad guy that reads it to learn something they can use against good guys.

Despite the great respect I have for this author and everybody else who has done what he did and who does what he does, I think he’s being a bit naive if he really believes that.

Because bad guys are not all stupid.

Bad guys go into and through the military and get training.

Bad guys pay for classes and get training. (Most instructors and schools attempt to filter them out ahead of time, but no filter is 100% effective.)

Bad guys rent and buy videos and watch them.

Bad guys read books and learn from them.

Some bad guys are trained by our own good guys as part of military aide and foreign training programs.

Bad guys also learn from their own experience and from other bad guys’ experiences.

All of this from all these sources is exchanged between bad guys on a continuous and ongoing basis.

Because bad guys are not all stupid.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that them knowing what we know already doesn’t make them equal to us. At least, it doesn’t have to. We can still come up with new wrinkles for things already known. We can and do execute the things already known better than others that know them do. Besides that, not every bad guy is completely up to speed even if they happen to be more motivated that the run-of-the-mill criminal is to keep their skills up to date.

You shouldn’t underestimate them, though.

And you shouldn’t think like the writer of that book implies he does that we know something they don’t still.

Could get you killed if you do.

“In cases of defence ’tis best to weigh
The enemy more mighty than he seems:
So the proportions of defence are fill’d…”


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