Why Do Instructors So Often Do Video Demonstrations Without Cover?

It’s a pet peeve of mine. I watch a video of somebody that shows how fast they are doing some shooting drill. Allmost invariably it’s from an uncovered holster and often from a range-only setup that I either know or would bet is not the same as they wear when they’re off the range carrying concealed.

Why is the speed that you, the demonstrator, can draw and shoot with relevant to me, the viewer, if you’re not doing the drawing and shooting the way I carry?

If you want me to take your class to learn how to defend myself with a concealed pistol, why are you showing me what you can do from an open, uncovered setup, maybe one that is different from what you wear off the range?

Why should I care about how fast you are without cover? Especially when I know some people that are as fast and faster from under the same cover and with the same holster and pistol they carry every day, on the range or not?

Show me something relevant to what I want and need to learn, please, ladies and gentlemen.

I myself do videos and show things from an uncovered position. I do that for specific reasons, mainly when showing something meant for someone starting out or when I want to clearly show the process I am talking about.

If I’m just going to show what I can do or if I’m demonstrating something related to counteroffensive shooting I will run it from cover. That’s relevant to what most people do and to what I teach people how to do. I want to show them how it really works and that includes some hiccups that come up sometimes (I get teaching points from the hiccups anyway, more often than not.)

I don’t see running a timer from an open rig on video as a useful exercise for an instructor most times. Simple as that. Too often it seems more “Look at me! Look at me!” than anything else.

Fact is, I don’t care about looking at you. Why should I? What benefit does looking at you bring to me? I want to see something that will help me. If I see that, I’m more likely to help you by paying you for instruction.

Show it to me the way I do it. Show it to me the way I need to learn it. Show me why I should pay for your course and not somebody else’s.

That’s all I’m asking.

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