Color Codes? No thanks–I’m trying to cut down.

Read a very excellent book – “Left of Bang”, I recommend it to you for your study. In that book the writer uses what I know as the Cooper Color Codes in a paragraph, which reminds me that I no longer like to use those terms for levels of awareness any more.

Thing is, I’m not even sure why. I just don’t like them any more. And because I don’t like them I don’t use them when speaking of situational awareness states. As regards SA, I just try to apply it. I don’t worry about what color I’m walking around in. I worry about maintaining good to excellent situational awareness. When I notice something I don’t shift colors, I don’t go from Yellow to Orange or higher. I just increase or change my level of or state of attention and alertness.

That’s all I do and all I believe is needed. No colors need be involved.

I’ll still talk about Color Codes if you want. Just don’t expect me to like doing it.

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