Contemplating Rules

So we have the shooting in Chattanooga at the recruitment center a while back. One of the characteristics shared by that shooting with others is that it took place at a location and among personnel that did not allow anyone to have in reach or to carry firearms that could otherwise have been used to respond to the attack with.

Two things to note first:

There have in fact been such shootings in places and areas where people were allowed to carry. So being in a place or area like that is still not guarantee that someone won’t select it as a target. (Don’t let that blind you to the overwhelming difference in locations between can-have and can’t-have targets, though.)

Even if they had guns available in Chattanooga (or wherever else these have occurred) the probability is that the shooter would still have wounded or killed one or more before they could be engaged and killed. (Don’t let that blind you to the fact that casualties are far lower where shooters are taken under fire early on, though.)

So I wonder again about breaking the rules. I’ll admit right now that I don’t break them where I work for now. What I do have is:

Items that I have designated for use as weapons including items that can be used at distance that are not formal ‘weapons’ according to the rules.

Some (maybe not enough) plans for what to do if something happens where I am.

Redlines such that if I were to get certain information or see certain signs of high(er) threat level/probability, I would be more likely to break the rules despite the associated risk involved if the rule-breaking is discovered.

Continued consideration of ways and means to conceal and obscure such rule-breaking if it ever took place.

If you are in a similar situation to mine and you see situations where you will break rules of your own, start thinking now and periodically review the ways you can conceal your weapon(s) more than you normally do, including finding hiding places or carry systems both on and off-body and camouflage methods for those weapons you decide to break the rules with.

Also, make sure you understand the risks and the penalties you will face if you are caught. These are not always insignificant and what rates as insignificant and not is different between us. If you can’t in honesty deal with the penalties, you may, frankly, be better off not trying.

All of this is, of course, up to you.

Not saying that everybody should definitely start breaking their rules here. Not saying that. Probably never will as a blanket recommendation. Just want to remind you to think about it and what you can and will do before you decide or have to do it.

That’s my thinking on this right now.

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