Cross-Over Learning

Learn to point-shoot and it will make it easier for you to learn to use the sights.

Learn to use the sights and it will make it easier for you to learn to point-shoot.

What to learn first? More instructors teach sighted shooting than do point-shooting but those who can teach point-shooting are more numerous than you might think. But what really determines that is your best idea of what kind of shooting you want to be capable of.

Counteroffensive shooting for non-military/non-law enforcement types like us? I recommend you start with point-shooting, move to training with sights as soon after that as possible. That plays off the averages for criminal attacks in the US.

Other kinds: General fun stuff, hunting, sport/competition of some types–work on getting on the sights.

But key here is: One WILL help with and reinforce the other. It is NOT and either/or proposition.

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