Fundamentals are hard…to describe

Last night I finished the first draft of the text for the next non-fiction book I hope to release by the end of this year. It’s the hardest non-fiction project I’ve done so far because for this one I had to get away from concepts and principles such as I focus on in my “Gunfighting, and Other Thoughts about Doing Violence” book series (number four of that series is next in the project list, by the way) and focus on describing nuts-and-bolts here’s-how-to-do-this subjects.

There is a benefit to making myself do this the same way there is a benefit to me teaching classes to beginners or covering really basic shooting and gunfighting subjects in a class, though. Remember that bit about we learn by teaching? That’s it right there. And it works even if you’re teaching the same thing you’ve been teaching and working on teaching and thinking about teaching for over a year as I have. Better than that, it still applies to things you already know very well and things you are very competent doing.

Want to make sure you really-for-certain know how to do something? Teach it to someone else so that they can be as good as you are with it.

(The book, incidentally, will be titled Bare-Bones Gunfighting and covers the material in written form of the course I teach with the same name. I’m looking at a release date now sometime in November. Actual release of each format depends on how much processing I have to pay for to get the pictures right for the Kindle version. As for the books I have available already, do an author search on Amazon and it will list everything I’ve got so far. Forth volume of ‘Gunfighting…’ series should be expected early in the third quarter of 2016.)

One thought on “Fundamentals are hard…to describe”

  1. I liked your article on the one hand shooting technique, tilting the firearm/hand to the 10 o’clock position works fir me! When people tell me I’m shooting gangsta style, I will refer them back to your article! Keep up the great work! STEVE G. Sgt/USMC

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