Not Complication, ORGANIZATION

I have an entry on Short Barrel Shepherd’s blog:

Masterpiece Arms 30DMG and the Weapons-System Concept

What’s most important to me about this entry is not the gun and accessories I evaluate. What’s important to me is the concept I introduce in the first the paragraphs of the entry: The idea of the need to think of Weapon’s Systems and not just guns. I think even non-military/non-LE gun-carriers should do this consciously to avoid getting tripped up with things they don’t need and have to replace down the road and things that lessen their ability to fight for life.

What I want you to understand here is I am not for a moment over-thinking the process of getting a gun or accessories for that gun. Even when I subdivide Weapon’s System into Gun System and Transport/Carry System I’m not doing that. What I’m doing is organizing my thinking and reducing the complexity of the process of getting and equipping a counteroffensive firearm. Outlining whether on paper or screen or just in my head is a time-honored method of organizing items so that they are easily referenced and remembered and taken care of in the best and most efficient order. It’s taking a process that too many people start doing on-the-fly and systematizing it.

And systems are what we study when we want a coherent whole that fits together more. Systems are what help us come up to speed and obtain competency most efficiently and quickly.

Unarmed combat systems – a way to organize and structure the weaponless fight.

Shooting and gunfighting systems – a way to structure and speed up the process of being able to fight effectively with a gun.

Weapon’s Systems – a way to organize and structure the planning for getting and then setting up a gun that saves money and time and gets the gun ready to fight effectively and efficiently with.

Simple as that.

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