On Grip and Trigger

Part-formed thoughts:

Grip is more important than trigger control.

By ‘trigger control’ I mean that the trigger is fully controlled throughout the movement. A surprise break is not a part of trigger control the way my new definition is forming up. Not in the short-range/short-notice gottashootNOWNOWNOW kind of fight that I believe we’re most likely to face in the US.

I’m just not as convinced about the utility of training or aiming to get a surprise break as I used to be. Not since I saw a comment by a soon-retiring operator who has spent a long time shooting people that needed to be shot. His statement was that he does not want a surprise break–he wants to control the break just like he controls everything about the shot from set-up to end-result evaluation. For those times when there is time to set up and ‘set’ the shot, I am not leaning more his way about it.

This must be more thought-upon but it’s the way my thoughts are going right now. Maybe that’s the wrong way to go. If it is, I go back at some point.

But for now, I think about it.

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