Proper Packaging Is Important

“It’s not just the gun.”

That’s true in two ways. What is usually meant when it’s said or written is that there is a package of skills and training and practice and experience and attitude and conditioning and…that should, if we’re going to do this properly, go with whatever gun you carry or get to fulfill a particular role.

There is also a physical equipment and accessory aspect to this statement as well. I am more conscious of it from when I purchased an Aero Survival Pistol and now a Masterpiece Arms 30DMG pistol. With these two especially I was looking at what I need to add to the stock weapons and what I needed to get to go with those stock weapons before I made a final decision on the purchase. These pistols could do what I wanted them to out of the box, but they would do what I wanted them too much better with some add-ons and some modifications. By thinking about this and planning this ahead of time I could have a much more task-appropriate weapon in a much shorter time than if I had just bought the guns and then starting thinking about what I wanted to put on them.

Pistols as well. I run Glocks and I will from time to time change out a stock part for something made by someone else that I believe will provide a more task-appropriate system and give me a better ability to keep myself or someone else alive. It’s not necessary to do that for the gun to work and do the job I might need it to do one day. But if it can make it easier or more efficient or safer for other goods guys and innocents that might be in the area it does seem better to do it than not.

Rifles? Optics, slings, carry systems. Maybe rails and trigger replacements. If you occasionally carry that long gun out somewhere that’s not a range, some kind of bag or other carrier that won’t draw attention if you drop it at your feet while you get a latte at Starbucks. Lockable storage you can still get open quickly for the vehicle.

Pistols? What’s the role? Home-defense dedicated, maybe a weapon-mounted light and a way to mount it in reach near the bed. Carry gun, a modification to the trigger to makes it more accurate and maybe change the stock sights out and maybe grip modifications to make your grip more consistent. And the holster you’re going to carry it in and the belt that holster is going to go on to.

Bags with additional gear that will not raise suspicion when carried in public for both of those. Magazine carriers of different types.

These can all modify the weapon choice and be modified by them. But only if they are considered ahead of time.

Stop thinking gun. Start thinking ‘weapon system’. Because that’s what it is.

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