Things Change

I see a need to get additional training in a different direction as regards CQB. The training I’ve had has not become invalid but I am aware now of a dimension, I guess I’ll call it, that is missing that could make a difference if I’m ever having to use this to stay alive some time.

I’m not going to like doing this because it requires me to get past a fear and an internal limiter I have noticed about cornering that I have that is currently pretty strong. But it’s also a potentially fatal limiter I’ve placed on myself. So it has to go. I’m simply going to have to deal with the discomfort that is coming in the learning and training and work until that limiter is either gone completely or reduced enough that I can do what is best for whatever situation I’m in at the time.

I try to keep an eye out for such gaps or lack of knowledge and capability and address them as often as I can when I find them.

I try and keep a watch out for any knowledge or practice that is better than something I’ve written about in the books I’ve published in the same way. When I find that and after I’ve determined as best I can that it really is a better or at least as good as what I’ve written about before I will either replace the current with the new material or add the new material as an addition to what’s in the books already. I do this and want to do this whenever I either create a new version of a current book or other production or when I do periodic reviews and updates.

It might be that changing the material bothers me as much as the new CQB training emphasis will. It may be that I want to hang on to the old stuff for some reason. But if the other is better, if the other adds something to the current, if the other is more effective….It has to go in. It has to.

Simple as that.

Reluctance? Inertia? Limiters?

I have to get over that.

So do you–if you want to be as good as you can be at defending yourself and your loved ones.

My feelings about something are not as important as that.

Neither are yours.

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