The body the body the body.

Reading this from Roger Phillip’s Fight Focused Handgun blog:

I am reminded of this fundamental:

You use your body, not just your arms or eyes or hands, to shoot with just like you use your body, not just your fist or arm or leg or foot, to strike with.

The fact that you’re using a weapon to project force with at range is irrelevant. If you want to do it with the best accuracy in the best way, you use your body to shoot with.

The body, the body, the body.

It is a fundamental of the fight. Study it well.

Color Codes? No thanks–I’m trying to cut down.

Read a very excellent book – “Left of Bang”, I recommend it to you for your study. In that book the writer uses what I know as the Cooper Color Codes in a paragraph, which reminds me that I no longer like to use those terms for levels of awareness any more.

Thing is, I’m not even sure why. I just don’t like them any more. And because I don’t like them I don’t use them when speaking of situational awareness states. As regards SA, I just try to apply it. I don’t worry about what color I’m walking around in. I worry about maintaining good to excellent situational awareness. When I notice something I don’t shift colors, I don’t go from Yellow to Orange or higher. I just increase or change my level of or state of attention and alertness.

That’s all I do and all I believe is needed. No colors need be involved.

I’ll still talk about Color Codes if you want. Just don’t expect me to like doing it.

Stop Focusing on Center of Mass

You want to make the attack stop as quickly as possible, right? Somebody trying to kill your or somebody else, you want to stop them from doing that right freakin’ NOW, right?

Two ways to do that: Make them decide to stop (by threat or application of force) or inhibit their physical ability to continue the attack (by threat or application of force).

We can’t depend on our action making them decide to stop. We have to plan on the basis of disrupting them physically.

Surest way to do that is to hit them in the Central Nervous System (CNS).

CNS hits are the gold standard for combat accuracy. Train, plan, practice to focus on hitting CNS from wherever you’re at when the fight starts.

Center of Mass? That’s what you get on the way to hitting CNS.

CNS first.

Combat Accuracy Evaluation

A question has come up on a forum I participate in about combat accuracy, who defines it, what it is and what it means, that sort of thing. It’s a question that does come up periodically and one I occasionally think about. In my latest episode of thinking about it, I have come up with a simple test of whether someone has achieved combat accuracy:

Did the target or bad guy do what you wanted them to do when you shot them? (Yes/No)

(For most of us in the US, that means did the bad guy stop attacking us. For military it would probably mean did the person they shoot die or otherwise become combat-ineffective.)

If answer = Yes, you have achieved combat accuracy. Well done.

If answer = No, you have not achieved combat accuracy and should shoot them again until you have.

Results-oriented testing: Gotta love it.