Lessons Are Where You Find Them

I found out that Amazon Prime has the first three seasons of ‘The Vikings’ available for free and have been rolling through them for the last few days. Among other things I found a lesson among the episodes so far viewed.

The lesson comes from a scene that takes place during the second Viking incursion into Northumbria. The king there has called his brother in to take command of his forces and go smite the heathens as you would expect kings of that time and place to do. The man goes and checks out the camp the Vikings are making and then goes to where his men have set their own camp. That night the Vikings raid the camp. So far, nothing to be noted.

The king’s brother is asleep at first–sleeping in his armor and with a weapon in reach, which seems prudent given the circumstances. The attack on his camp wakes him up and, being an experienced fighting man, he knows immediately what is happening at which point he rolls off his bed, picks up his sword–

–and kneels down to pray to God for strength and victory.

Understand, now, that I have no beef with him asking God for strength and victory. What I do have a beef with is that he took so long with his prayer–even continuing when one of his men came into the tent to tell him they were under attack–that the Vikings had time to take the camp and cut the lines to his tent, collapsing it on him so that he could be taken prisoner. He was eventually killed when the king tried to turn a ransom payment into a surprise attack.

Here’s the lessons from that scene: When it’s time to fight,


. Don’t waste time doing something else when the fight is on.

Here’s another lesson from that scene: Prepare for the fight before you have to fight. Physically, mentally, and spiritually–do what you can to get ready


, not at the moment, the fight begins.

If you have to do something to get ready the moment the fight starts you’re probably going to be in a lot of trouble.

Such is the lesson from an unexpected place. Here is one not from there:

As much as you can, be open to learning from


. Don’t turn down learning just because the source of it is not what you’re used to learning from.

On to the next episode…

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