It’s time to get away from the idea of “Combat Accuracy”

COM–Center Of Mass–a roughly eight-inch diameter circle, the top of which would be around the base of the throat–was fine for a while as a standard of fighting accuracy. A lot of people have used it, a lot of good guys have stayed alive shooting to it. They still will.

Hit COM and everybody will say you’re “Combat Accurate” and call it Good. And, actually, it probably will be.

Unless the attacker has a bomb vest on. Or unless the attacker has body armor. At that point, COM is too big. You have to go smaller.

Besides that, putting a majority of your training time into COM shooting conditions you to be comfortable with any hits within that larger area. That actually doesn’t work well even for COM because you can still put hits inside that eight-inch circle that don’t affect the attacker’s ability to kill you, especially shooting from an angle.

You have to go smaller and you have to go higher sooner to be sure. You have to be ready to go for the head.

Even that isn’t enough if you’re content to hit anywhere on the head. Certain places, certain points, are better than others. MUCH better. And those places, those points, are all small.

You want the best chance of hitting the place that will stop the attack quickly, right? And for most of us our groups will open up once we realize somebody out there is really trying to kill us.

So ditch COM in practice and training. Make yourself shoot to smaller areas and smaller targets. Do not be satisfied with that eight-inch circle any more. Start with four. Then two. Then one.

That way, when the target is a point, you can point-shoot it even using the sights. Train to do that. Train and practice so that when the groups open up you’re still shattering their hearts and blowing their minds.

Don’t be content with COM. Because the bad guy may not be content with just a t-shirt next time.

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