Are you playing ‘Operator’ too much?

So I know of a guy that has a training group organized (a training group is not a class, it is an organized practice session; I’ll write on that later). They get together and run every couple of months or quarter year for a couple of days at a time. Last three or four sessions they’re worked with rifles and a lot with team tactics drills – coordinated fire and movement and the like. Pictures of the group afterwards show me a lot of smiling faces and full ‘kits’ – load bearing vests and chest rigs and war belts with magazine pouches and IFAKs and secondary weapons and support and the like to run the ARs and AKs they’re all holding.

Then there’s the range I teach at and am beginning to host a yearly training group session at and where I do the majority of photo work for my books at. Very nice place. They have or did have a nice video of the training going on there with a student talking about how good his particular class was and how much he got out of it. And in the video they have snippets of the class in progress which included both LE and non-LE attendees working in and around vehicles. And
everybody has full kits and full-size pistols, many with weapon lights, or rifles with all the fixins’ on them.

So I’m thinking about this and how very, very often I seen this – believe me I’m not picking on these guys and places and this is not an anomaly or at all unusual thing to see in class writeups and photos and the like – and I keep wondering how many of them wear the load-bearing gear and carry rifles to work. And I wonder how many of them will have that rifle in their hands and/or that load-bearing gear on at the moment a thug starts their approach or an active shooter opens up on the front of the building they’re in.

I keep wanting to get a show of hands, you know? Okay, all of you that will have all that stuff you have on in the pictures and the videos when you’re not on the range, raise your hands! Okay, thanks, now let me count…hmmmmm…

I’m betting I don’t see a lot of hands in the air. In fact, unless I’m taking tally of a military unit or a dedicated LE Tac/SWAT/HRT unit, I bet I don’t see a single one.

So, if the chances of you having all that gear and the rifle on when you’re attacked is about the same as the chances of you winning the state lottery (if you have one) with a single ticket purchase, WHY ARE YOU SPENDING SO MUCH TIME IN TRAINING AND PRACTICE WITH IT?

Because I doubt that you are currently so good and so very excellently up to speed with your carry pistol from concealment that you don’t need to focus on that for a while.

Playing ‘Operator’ is fun. I get that. But is it really what you need to keep you and yours alive in a fight? Is it really what you need to be spending so much time on getting good at doing?


Be honest with yourself about this.

2 thoughts on “Are you playing ‘Operator’ too much?”

  1. Totally agree CR. I attended a Defensive Handgun class locally. During the break the instructor was asked if he would do a rifle centered class such as you describe. I mention that I do the majority of my training with my carry pistol since I most likely won’t have my rifle with me. I got a lot of funny looks and blanks stares until it hit me – they did not carry regularly at all. I’m not sure what they were training for?

  2. Agreed. I see some trainers perform their videos with chest plate carriers and multiple AR-15 magazines (despite only carrying a Glock 17) and all kinds of other crap.

    When I go to a class, I carry with me only slightly more than I carry every day. Now, I have a pack to carry some extra stuff, but it’s for EDC purposes: my laptop, some medical gear, a week worth of my medication, etc. As far as weapons and “tactical” gear goes – if I can’t carry it in my pockets or my belt, it doesn’t go with me.

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