The Bow or the Archer?

Getting a little frustrated about part of a discussion on a forum about how much better somebody shoots some gun than they do some other gun(s).

If you’re at a certain level and you come in reading this after you’re seen so many repetitions of “it’s not the bow, it’s the archer”, you’re going to think we in the counter-offensive gunfight-study community are a bunch of hypocrites. And we in that community risk not just looking like a bunch of hypocrites but being a bunch of hypocrites if we don’t step back and makes some things clear about these discussions, to wit:

If you’re just learning to shoot or taking only your second or third gunfighting (this is different from just shooting, remember) class then it is unlikely that me handing you a different model gun, or the same model gun with modifications such as smoother triggers and match barrels and things like that, is going to get you smaller groups or more accuracy at distance. At the early stages of your development as a shooter and then as a fighter with guns (handguns especially), you don’t have the skill yet that allows you to take advantage of any refinement in mechanical accuracy the gun might have.

There is a point in your skill and capability development, however, where you really are pushing the mechanical limits of either a stock gun (handgun especially) or of the particular model gun you are shooting. After you have reached that point of skill and capability, then another gun or modifications to the one you’re using will give you at least the potential to get more accuracy and more fight-stopping capability out of your shooting.

There is an additional caveat: You will need to work to maintain that level of skill and capability once you have it or it will go back to not mattering what you have in your gun or what kind of gun you have.

So what you want to do is first, work to get to the level where the bow will make a difference. And then, you will need to work to stay at that level so that the bow continues to give you everything it’s capable of.

Do that, and remember to explain that on occasion, and you won’t look like a hypocrite when you wax ecstatically about the latest mod of the last gun you tested that shot so very, very much better than any other before. 🙂

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