Here’s a paraphrase of a question I read a long time ago:

“What you could do twenty years ago, or even ten years ago, might be interesting, but does it really matter now? No. What you could do ‘back in the day’ doesn’t matter. What matters is what you can do right here and right now. The trouble that you handled a decade back in the ‘good old days’ isn’t the trouble that’s coming to you now. What can you do now? Are you ready to throw down right here and right now if you need to, if you have to? Are you? Can you?”

If I could somehow compel you to answer that question right now as you read this, what would your answer be? What would it be when you’re in your car? At your place of work? When you’re out shopping or running errands? With friends or family?

This website (with the products and content it supports) is one of my answers to that question. With this and what I produce in print and video and the training courses I can present I can teach. I can point you the reader (and I hope one day the student) at useful knowledge. I cannot step up and directly correct you one-on-one as if you were on the firing line with me, but I can try get you to correct yourself by asking the right questions and helping you to answer them.

I can help you begin to answer The Question, correctly. I can assist you in your search for the answers you need.

That’s what I can do now.

I hope that something here will help you answer that question the right way, some day, when life is on the line.

Good luck. And welcome to the website. CR


Understand that anything involving the practice with and use of firearms involves some risk. By continuing into this website, you, the viewer/reader/visitor, 1) understand that you must assume any and all responsibility for your personal safety in all such practice and study; 2) acknowledge and accept that no one involved in production, organization, or distribution of the material on this website or any other product of In Shadow In Light will be held liable or responsible for consequences of use or misuse of any material so produced, organized, and distributed. This material is intended and designed to provoke thought and consideration and provide information that I hope is useful to you, not to directly guide or train you in any particular practice and/or technique. Everyone who visits here is strongly advised and asked to seek professional instruction from a trainer at the earliest possible moment in order to make sure that they safely and surely develop the desired and required skills needed to survive and win the counter-offensive fight. Only you can be responsible for your safety. If you will not accept such responsibility, do not continue here. Thank you.