Besides the blog itself I am a steady contributor to articles in Concealed Carry Magazine, a publication produced by the United States Concealed Carry Association, and the author of (so far) four non-fiction books. (There are also so far two fiction titles I have published but these are not germane to this discussion right now.)

Books both in the series and covering other subjects of related to the study of the fight are in process now:

Bare-Bones Gunfighting, planned for release by mid-November 2015

Gunfighting…Volume Four, planned for release no later than June of 2016

Currently available on

Facing the Active Shooter: Guidelines for the Armed Citizen Defender

For the individual armed citizen, an Active Shooter situation is the prototypical Black Swan event: Low probability but very high impact if it happens when and where you are. And in the wake of recent reported shootings it can and has been a very worrisome situation for any such concerned defender. What can you do to prepare yourself to deal with such a thing? What are your options when face with such a horrific attack? What do you need to know and what do you need to do? This is an attempt to provide not specific answers to detailed situations, but a series of guidelines and suggestions that can be considered and used by anyone without specialized knowledge or training to prepare their own answers and their own approach to this test. It attempts to gather, organize, and outline a framework around which specifics can be built according to the ability, knowledge, and experience of the individual builder. It is a compilation of ideas from many gathered from many places and many people. It not the answer itself, but an attempt to give you, the armed citizen who may one day be the real first responder to this kind of attack, some help and some basis for forming your own answers to this very serious question: What can I do if…?
My hope as the author/organizer of this material is that no one reading it will ever have to find out how useful it is. But just in case that hope is not fulfilled, I hope that something in this will help you keep yourself and your loved ones alive and whole.

Inside the book:

  • Introduction
  • The Nature Of The Threat
  • Preparing For The Action
  • Considering Responders
  • Facing An Active Shooter: The Outline
  • After It’s Over
  • Resources

Gunfighting, and Other Thoughts about Doing Violence

(The link here is to the combination volume that combines the first three books. For any individual volume in the collection (including future additions) click on my name on the page and it will take you to a listing where you can choose one of those.)

VOL. 1:

This is the first of a planned series of books and DVDs that will examine the nature, theory, and practice of the counteroffensive fight. The first book consists primarily of previously-published essays and articles with additional expansion and better photo support than the original publications provided. Some new material has been added.

Expansion of the material of this and other books are provided both on this website and through the publication of DVDs and downloadable video and audio content.

  • To The Reader
  • Introduction: What Can You Do NOW?
  • About The Pictures In This Book
  • About The Content Of This Book
  • Why Does It Vex Some People That Han Solo (May Have) Fired First?
  • Training Your Mind To Fight
  • Shooting and Fighting: There Is A Difference
  • The Counterattacking Mind
  • Yes, You Can Buy Skill
  • Patterning Chaos
  • What Do You Know?
  • Label
  • Being Like John Wayne Can’t Be All Bad
  • Getting To Grips With A Different Hammer
  • In Consideration Of The Active Shooter
  • Pelvic Shots And Being ‘Batman With A Gun’
  • Can You Shoot Somebody You KNOW?
  • You WILL Have Bad Days At The Range
  • We Usually Do This Backwards, Don’t We?
  • Range Safety, Combat Safety
  • The Drawstroke
  • A Need For Speed?
  • There Is No Controversy
  • What They’re Not Telling You About Point Shooting
  • Another Definition Of Point Shooting
  • Accuracy Is King
  • Carrying Without A Round Chambered
  • Resisting A Home Invasion I
  • Resisting A Home Invasion II
  • Right Hand, Left Hand, One Hand, Both Hands, Either Hand
  • Nice Drawstroke: Can You Do That One-Handed?
  • The Floating Gun
  • Consistency, The Concept
  • There’s Only One Way
  • Porting A Carry Gun Is A Bad Idea
  • Self-Defense With The Long-Gun
  • LAST WORD (For Now)
  • Resources
  • About The Author
  • Gratitude

VOL. 2:

Volume 2 of the series continues the examination of elements of the counter-offensive fight in a smaller, handier book format with some updates and corrections. Mental and physical aspects are covered with an emphasis on concepts and principles over checklists of standard tactics and techniques. This book approaches the subject of gunfighting from a different direction and with a different attitude than almost any other book on the subject you can find.

  • To The Reader
  • Introduction: Still Answering That Question About The Pictures In This Book …and what I’m wearing in the photos
  • About The Content Of This Book
  • About Being Aware
  • Train Now, Not Later. Here’s Why:
  • What Are You Looking For?
  • They’re Not Here For the Social Violence
  • The Fifty-Percent Fallacy
  • Rifle Vs. Pistol: Armament Vs. Attitude
  • When You Are All Armed — What Then
  • What You Must Understand
  • A Few Brief Thoughts About the Knife
  • Choose a Carry Gun That You Won’t Mind Losing
  • Some Things You Want To Think About When You’re Deciding What To Carry
  • Having Enough (and the Right Kind of) Gun
  • Having Enough Gun 2: Cheap Vs. Affordable, Easy Vs. Capable
  • Combat Power
  • Misfires in the Caliber Wars
  • The Real World Vs. the Range: An Example
  • Carbine Over Shotgun? You Bet. Here’s Why.
  • Patterning the Home Defense Shotgun
  • The Home Defense Shotgun: Suggestions for Configuration
  • Your Natural Reactions and Training Out of Them
  • On Movement, Part One
  • On Movement, Part Two
  • Additional Notes About Movement
  • Oliver Cromwell. He talks to me sometimes.
  • Final Word, For Now
  • Gratitude
  • Resources

VOL. 3:

Not just another book about the rifle. Here’s what’s in it:

If You Don’t Like This Book, Blame Tom Cornelius
To The Reader
What This Book Is About
What You Won’t See Much (Or Much Of) In This Book
About the Pictures: What I’m Wearing and About The
Pictures Themselves
Legal Statement

The Concept of The Counterattack
Rifleman or Infantryman?
Pro-Action, Re-Action, Dominating Action
What’s Really Your Best Friend?
The Short-Notice/Short-Range Environment


Point and Float
The .22 Rifle
Running With Dots
Expanding Time and Range
Vehicular Considerations
Movement, Part Three
Pivot vs. Punch Out: Considering Options
The Hinge
Short-Notice Rifle Support
The Danger-Close Environment
The End of the Beginning
About the Author

Vol. 4:

Volume Four returns to the consideration of aspects of the fight in general.

Introduction: More Pages Turning

To the Reader

About the Pictures



The Will to Have Killed

Changing Things

The Modern Threat Environment

Where Modern Technique Went Wrong

The Cost of Compassion



Don’t Think About Knife Fighting

A Philosophy of Magazine Change

The Reverse Mozambique

Targeting CNS

Short Rifles and Long Pistols: The Quest for the Civilian PDW

Switch Shooting

You Know, I Could Be Wrong About This

Have Training, Will Travel



About The Author